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Our target market – are these services or products are right for you?

Before proceeding to obtain a quote for insurance under this policy, it’s important that we determine whether this product is right for you.

Action Entertainment Insurance focuses on providing public liability and equipment insurance coverages to businesses involved in the entertainment and events industry only. Our products are designed mainly for individuals and small to medium sized businesses (1 to 50 people). These products are designed to protect individuals and businesses that operate mainly in Australia. We recommend you read the Policy Wording and Financial Services Guide, prior to obtaining a quote. We require you to click on the button below to acknowledge that you are a client that fits our target market for our services and products.

If you do not fit the target market for Action Entertainment Insurance products and services or are unsure if you fit the target market, but still require advice on general insurance, please feel free to reach out to our team at Action Insurance Brokers – who can offer a full suite of general insurance broking services and provide advice on all types of general insurance products. They can be reached on tel: 18000ACTION  or email